Age Aware assessment is included in all facials. Consultation system that categorises your skin according to what is appropriate for your age as opposed to your skin type. Each facial is tailored to your individual skin needs and concerns

ARK 'Power' Signature Facial 70mins £42.50

Begins with a hand and foot cleanse followed by a deep cleansing routine with hot towels, exfoliation and masque application. Precise massage to the face and scalp will stimulate the skin and muscles providing nourishment to the upper layers and relaxation to the underlaying muscle fibres. In addition drainage movements encourage detoxification and massage to the neck and shoulders eases away tension in the upper body.           

ARK Signature Facial 45min £32.50

Begins with a hand and foot cleanse followed by a deep cleansing express facial including exfoliation, masque and facial massage. An excellent maintenance treatment following the 'Power' signature facial.

ARK Back Signature Facial 60mins £40.50 

The deep cleansing back treatment will leave your back feeling incredibly clean, smooth and refined while your skin will look and feel glowingly healthy. Includes foot cleanse and back massage.

ARK Invigorating Body Polish  45 mins £34.50

Give your skin a wake up call with instantly refreshing body treatment that will leave your skin looking re-hydrated and re-energised.

ARK Invigorating Body Polish with a full body mood response massage 1hr 45mins £70

Proto-col Facial Treatments

Naturally advanced complete collagen skincare collection of products formulated to work in harmony with your skin to protect, plump, smooth, refresh and refine your skin.‚Äč

Proto-col Collagen Rejuvenation Facial 1hr £45.50

This highly packed collagen facial will balance the skin, rehydrate and rejuvenate tired sluggish skin that needs a boost.

Proto-col Skin Boost Conditioning Facial     30mins £28.50

Packed with collagen the skin boost conditioning treatment will give your skin a instant brightening and awaken the skin in a flash.

Australian Bodycare Facials

High quality skin care products that use natural ingredients which provides all the natural benefits of the Tea Tree oil. It soothes and conditions the skin hygienically and restores the natural pH balance within the skin. Ideal for teenage and acne prone skin. 

Skin analysis and guidance with skin care will take place with each treatment so you leave knowing the importance of good skin hygiene and maintenance. Retail products available for home use.

30min Mini teenage facial £20

The skin will be refreshed with a cleanse, tone, exfoliate, skin analysis and moisturise. 

45min Cleansing Facial £26.50

The skin will be deeply cleansed, toned, exfoliated, a skin analysis, mask and moisturise.

Diamond Dermabrasion

Diamond Dermabrasion provides a non-surgical skin refinish procedure for the face which brightens the skin giving you a healthy glow. Diamond dermabrasion also helps with dead skin debris, imperfections, blemishes, fine lines and wrinkles and unwanted pigmentation whilst speeding up the blood and lymph flow to the area treated. The treatment instantly refreshes and brightens the skin and tone and as the skin rejuvenates the skin will become yet brighter and smoother.

Basic Treatment £28                            

Basic Treatment with Mask £38                                        Intensive Treatment £48            

Intensive Treatment with Collagen Mask £55.50

Micro-Current Therapy (non surgical face lift)

Micro-current therapy is an electrical treatment which produces an immediate effect on toning and firming of the skin. It is used as a preventative measure against premature ageing as well as re-educating and strengthening the muscles. The treatment stimulates the blood, lymph and oxygen flow as well as reducing fine lines and wrinkles. A course of treatments is needed to maintain and strengthen the muscles gradually so optimum results are achieved with 4-6 week appointments thereafter.

1hr Treatment £38.50

Diamond Dermabrasion &  Micro-Current Combined £56.50